Wheelchair accessible vehicles, like any other vehicle, need a regular maintenance routine. They also require special attention to their unique parts. Follow these tips to keep your wheelchair accessible vehicle in tip-top condition.

  1. Basic maintenance for all vehicles

Check oil, water, brake, and other fluid levels and top-up as necessary. Do oil and filter changes as indicated and get a grease job done at regular intervals. Always check your tyre pressures before a journey and replace tyres at the first signs of wear. Have a yearly service by a professional mechanic before putting your wheelchair accessible vehicles in for the MOT.

  1. Washing

Washing the outside of your wheelchair accessible vehicle, and cleaning the inside regularly, will help to maintain it in good condition and keep everything functioning correctly.

  1. Ramps

Manually operated ramps should be oiled on a regular basis to ensure their smooth and easy deployment. Remember to include the ramps in the normal cleaning routine as dirt build up can prevent their correct functioning.

  1. Lifts

Revise at regular intervals all the electrical connections which control the lift or electronically controlled ramp. Make sure that the battery is well charged, topped up with distilled water and has no leaks. Keep the control panel or hand-held control clean and dust free.

  1. Lockdowns

Revise regularly the mechanism which secures the wheelchair in place to prevent accidents. Also, remember to clean well the rails inside the vehicle which guide the chair into position to avoid slipping.

  1. Checking underneath

The lowered floors of many wheelchair accessible vehicles mean that the underside is susceptible to damage. Obviously, you should drive slowly over rough terrain to avoid any deterioration or distortion of your vehicle. Even so, it’s a good idea to check underneath now and again, and if you see anything suspicious get it checked out immediately.

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