We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is linked to weight gain and that regular exercise and a balanced diet are the answers to shedding those excess pounds and restoring good health. For able-bodied people, this can be a challenge, but for wheelchair users, who are necessarily constantly seated, getting sufficient exercise to produce weight loss can be a serious problem. Now, however, a simple yet ingenious training apparatus offers wheelchair users the chance to burn up calories, lose weight and get fit.

The Invictus Active Trainer allows wheelchair users to get a serious workout. The trainer consists of two ramps which allow the user to guide the wheelchair up backwards and to position the rear driving wheels of the chair on the two rollers. Then the user pushes the wheelchair, just as they would normally along the ground. On the trainer, however, there is no need to worry about road conditions, and the user can concentrate solely on the propelling movement of the arms and the upper body.

The Invictus Active Trainer lets wheelchair users train from the comfort and safety of their own wheelchair, and burn up hundreds of calories. Everybody burns calories at different rates, but in just a ½ hour workout on the Invictus Active Trainer, most people burn 300-400-calories. That is more than an able-bodied person burns up in a 30-minute bike ride. The reason is, that the action of turning the wheels in the wheelchair is a more aerobic exercise and involves more body muscles in the movement.

The resistance of the rollers of the Invictus Active Trainer can be increased to require more force, and that means not only increased weight loss for the disabled user by burning more calories, but also with regular use, muscle development. These muscles, not only look good, and make one feel better about oneself, but also serve to make day-to day moving about in the wheelchair easier. Users have increased strength to propel themselves up inclines or over rough ground opening up more places where they are capable of pushing themselves and giving them greater freedom. Users also discover that the Invictus Active trainer improves their balance and coordination and refines their pushing technique.

The Invictus Active Trainer is used in rehabilitation centres, hospitals and health clubs and many wheelchair athletes have found that the improvement in their technique really enhances their performance on the track or court. It also allows wheelchair users to exercise alongside able-bodied people, enhancing their inclusion in normal activities.

Constructed from lightweight aluminium the Invictus Active Trainer is easy to set up and can be folded down for easy storage. There are now three different versions of this marvellous trainer to assist disabled people to lose weight and improve their general health. The standard version includes just the complete trainer. The Smart version can record the distance covered and the speeds reached and can be connected to a tablet or phone. The app allows the user to keep track of their progress which helps to motivate them on their road to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. The Smart Plus version is Bluetooth enabled and in addition to speed and distance, it also records heart-rate and calories burned, and includes a stand for the phone.

The Invictus Active Trainer is suitable for anyone who can use a manual wheelchair and can even help people who are learning to use a wheelchair to learn the correct pushing technique. The trainer was designed by a wheelchair user, and it is suitable for use with any kind of manual wheelchair. Many disabled people have successfully managed to lose weight and improve their level of fitness by combining a balanced healthy diet with regular use of the Invictus Active Trainer.